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In Your Corner with Senator Moran: Episode 3 on PACTV Streaming Now

Updated: May 2, 2022

This episode of In Your Corner provides an update on the legislative process with a few experts in and out of the State House.

When bills are filed in Massachusetts, they are assigned to a committee that is focused on the subject area of the bill. For example, Senator Moran chairs the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure (CPPL), and this year, CPPL heard over 300 bills related to consumer protection, alcohol licensing, professional licensure, and more. Committees must hold hearings and take votes on all bills, and bills typically need to be heard by more than 1 committee. In order to get through as many bills as possible, most committees (including CPPL) have a deadline for when they need to make decisions on the bills assigned to them. This is also called a Joint Rule 10 deadline. This year, the deadline was February 2, 2022.

Recently, CPPL made decisions on many bills ranging from local alcohol licensing to consumer protection in gym memberships, housing, and outdoor dining. Senator Moran hosted Representative Tackey Chan and Executive Director Amy Naples of Plymouth Chamber of Commerce to talk in more depth about these recent updates and what it means to get involved in the legislative process.

To get an idea of what committee work looks like, check out a recent executive session, where CPPL members joined to discuss bills and vote on how to proceed shortly before the Joint Rule 10 Deadline:

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