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In 2023, Senator Moran brought home nearly $6 million to the district



She fought for and secured funding that will:  

  1. Stimulate regional economic development 

  2. Facilitate the expansion of affordable housing stock 

  3. Support child care providers  

  4. Expand mental health services provided by law enforcement and first responders 

  5. Improve storm resiliency and "blue economy" infrastructure across the district  

  6. Grow the reach of local organizations serving vulnerable populations, including seniors and veterans.

Economic Development

  • SD1688, An Act to establish a blue economy workforce pipeline, Filed with Rep. Kathy LaNatra, 
    This bill would add the goal of a circular economy (the promotion of industry recycling) to Massachusett's zero waste plan and establish an education program on the benefits of a circular economy.

  • SD1689, An Act relative to a future blue economy, filed with Rep. Kathy LaNatra,
    This bill would establish a grant program for small businesses to transition to a circular economy and a grant program for nonprofits and research institutions to develop new technology to preserve ocean health, as well as establish a Blue Economy education fund to teach about marine science in schools.

  • SD1761, An Act establishing a public bank of Massachusetts to support economic development,
    This bill would establish a public bank of Massachusetts to aid in economic expansion and development in the state.   

  • SD1771, An Act to increase health insurance affordability for small businesses,
    This bill would create a tax credit of 15% on health insurance premiums for small businesses with 26-50 employees earning an average of $57,000 per year, equivalent to the current state median income for a family of 3, during years when the employment rate in the state exceeds 5% and the following year thereafter to incorporate a recovery period. 

  • SD1774, An Act relative to unemployment insurance benefits for replacement workers, filed with Rep. Jeff Roy, This bill would prevent employers from bearing an additional cost by requiring that unemployment benefits for irregular-period employees are charged to a separate solvency fund instead of being charged directly to the employer. 

  • SD1777, An Act relative to the workers’ compensation premium payment schedules for small businesses, This bill would authorize the Division of Insurance to allow self-insured groups to collect workers comp premiums evenly on par with commercial carriers. 

Child Care and Education

  • SD1684, An Act to eliminate disproportionality and inequities for at-risk children, filed with Rep. Natalie Higgins: The bill would require the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) to produce reports on children's involvement with different state agencies and their outcomes divided by number of low-income children being served, outcomes of involvement, and disparities related to race, gender, income, disability, and sexual orientation. Based on this information, OCA will develop recommendations to address inequities in state agencies based on national best practices and policies.   

  • SD1702, An Act to enhance Child Care relief, filed with Rep. Kathy LaNatra: The bill would make any federal funds or grants from ARPA, CARES Act, or other federal funding distributed to child care providers for the purpose of supporting the stability of the child care sector during COVID, exempt from state income tax.

  • SD1744, An Act to support children with neonatal abstinence syndrome: The bill would add neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) to the list of diagnoses for automatic consideration for Children Support services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

  • SD1820, An Act to ensure charter school transparency and public accountability, filed with Rep. Tommy Vitolo: This bill would impose a number of new transparency requirements on charter schools, including student representation on boards, expanding public notice for newly implemented contracts and policies, performance criteria, and suspension/expulsion data, as well as establishing an ombudsman for parents. 

  • SD2175, An Act relative to the use of hoisting equipment in Chapter 74 vocational-technical education, filed with Rep. Patricia Haddad: This bill would allow vocational tech schools to operate heavy machinery if they’re equivalently appropriately licensed. 

  • SD1682, An Act excluding the Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award from taxable income, filed with Rep. Bill Driscoll: The bill would exempt money received from the Segal AmeriCorps Educational Award from income tax. 

Environment, Agricultulre, & Climate

  • SD1693, An Act analyzing the benefits of burying utility wires: The bill would establish a task force to study the comparative cost of undergrounding utility wires in different regions throughout the commonwealth and the potential future safety and economic cost of not undergrounding any utility wires and extreme weather events.   

  • SD1700, An Act to promote natural carbon sequestration, filed with Rep. Jessica Giannino: The bill would direct the state to develop a carbon sequestration and storage goal for state lands that recognizes the use of coastlines.   

  • SD1704, An Act relative to clean lighting, filed with Rep. Josh Cutler: The bill would prohibit the sale, after a period of a few years, of older lights and lightbulbs that contain higher amounts of mercury, and direct DOER to work with Mass Save to establish a rebate for homeowners for costs incurred for transitioning to more efficient lighting. 

  • SD1721, An Act relative to preventing the discharge of radioactive materials, filed with Reps. Josh Cutler and Sarah Peake: The bill would establish a special commission to examine the environmental and economic impacts of discharging spent fuel pool water, and prohibits any discharge until after the study is complete. 

  • SD1746, An Act relative to recycling nip: The bill would increase the deposit for nip recycling from 5 cents to 10 cents. 

  • SD1749, An Act establishing safe paint stewardship, filed with Rep. Patricia Haddad: The bill would require paint manufacturers (or a designated 3rd party) to establish a collection program for used cans of paint and authorizes manufacturers to implement an added fee to paint to pay for the program.   

  • SD1756, An Act repurposing the commonwealth's power plants to a clean energy future: The bill would task the DPU and DOER with studying the possible repurposing of power plants (coal and nuclear, and any others) in MA, including, but not limited to transitioning to a fusion energy plant. 

  • SD1772, An Act relative to Massachusetts Solar Access Law, filed with Rep. Matt MuratoreThe bill would amend the Zoning Act to require local authorities to prove in court that proposed restrictions on solar systems attached to permanent buildings are necessary to protect public health, safety, and welfare. 


  • SD2317, An Act Relative to funding clean water in nitrogen sensitive areas: The bill would allocate $185 million in additional funding to the Cape Cod and Islands Water Protection Fund for water pollution abatement projects in nitrogen sensitive areas. 

  • SD1776, An Act relative to equitable protection of clean water: The bill would prohibit DEP from requiring existing septic system upgrades until:  

    • DEP approves I/A systems that achieve reductions under 10 mg/l;  

    • DEP certifies remote monitoring technology as available;   

    • A regional management entity is installed; and the property in question is sold or the septic system must be replaced.

      The bill would also exempt any town with an approved CWMP or TWMP from being required to obtain a Watershed Permit under Title 5 of the environmental code, allow municipalities with two or more nitrogen sensitive areas to apply for a multi-watershed Watershed Permit, exempt towns that have already achieved 75% reduction, and allow only 5-year reporting requirements. Lastly, the bill would establish a zero-interest loan program for municipalities, with up to $250K per watershed. 

  • SD1731, An Act protecting the upper Cape water supply reserve:The bill would require various additional levels of approval for any expanded activity or development to be taken on the Massachusetts Military Reservation. 

  • SD1678, An Act relative to the separation of agricultural land for renewable energy purposes, filed with Rep. Bill Straus: The bill would exempt land previously used for agricultural purposes and now being used for renewable energy purposes from being subject to normally applicable rollback taxes. 

  • SD1707, An Act relative to a cranberry wetland mitigation bank, filed with Rep. Bill Straus: The bill would allow for the development of a pilot program to use abandoned cranberry bogs for development projects’ wetland mitigation requirements.   

  • SD1719, An Act relative to the Farm Technology Review Commission, filed with Rep. Bill Straus: The bill would add members to the Farm Technology Review Commission to include representation from cranberry growers, the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, and additional agricultural sectors to reflect the diverse farming practices in the Commonwealth. 

Consumer Protection

  • SD1686, An Act relative to safety glass standards, Filed with Rep. Josh Cutler: The bill would require the RMV to adopt safety standards for auto glass repair and replacement that are in line with national industry standards, and would require all cars to have approved auto glass to be registered. 

  • SD1695, An Act to protect consumers in cable contracts: The bill would require that all teaser rates offered by cable companies be effective for at least a year, require the company to give notice to the customer before expiration of the rate, and prohibit the company from charging any cancellation fees.    

  • SD1709, An Act protecting consumers in cryptocurrency exchanges: The bill would require cryptocurrency exchange platforms serving MA customers to register with the division of banks, disclose various consumer protection information to potential customers before they purchase cryptocurrency, as well as pay an annual registration fee of 5% of gross annual revenue from MA customers. The money from these fees would go into a grant program that would be used to reimburse losses to consumers if a cryptocurrency exchange platform goes under.   

  • SD1717, An Act limiting facility fees: The bill would cap the amount that outpatient facilities can charge for facility fees to patients at $30, require facility fees to be fully disclosed to patients at the time of booking, regardless of insurance status, and direct the Health Policy Commission to develop strategies to raise awareness about the differences in cost for the same services at outpatient hospital facilities vs. physician offices. 

  • SD1750, An Act protecting consumers engaging with buy now pay later lenders: The bill would classify buy now pay later companies usually used for online purchases as small loan businesses in MA, which requires them to be licensed and pay annual fees. Separately, it would require such companies to disclose, at the point of sale, the full price of the loan, including interest, and any penalties that could be incurred from late payment, including credit reporting disclosure. 

  • SD1768, An Act to increase accountability in the sale of personal data: The bill would require DOR to compile records of business entities engaged in the sale of personal information in Massachusetts and report this information to the legislature, require DOR to propose a tax on sales of personal information, and prohibit any businesses from selling personal information to ICE. The bill would also establish the Municipal Broadband Trust where any income from the tax will be directed. The Municipal Broadband Trust would be reported on annually and run by the department of telecommunications and cable.    


  • SD1668, An Act to promote sustainable affordable housing:The bill would make various changes to various laws to help create more affordable housing:

    • Update the Chapter 40B statute’s definition of “consistent with local needs” to allow municipalities to impose mixed use development restrictions 

    • Make senior housing and mobile homes count towards the 10% affordable housing threshold 

    • Change the Brownfields Tax Credit to incentivize housing production over all other type of development on a former Brownfields site 

    • Grant the town in which any affordable unit is being sold the right of first refusal for the unit 

    • Allow municipalities to require that new housing developments use a sewer system, instead of septic nd create a wastewater treatment plant upgrade grant program for any plants that will be put over their maximum available load with a new housing development 

    • Create a zero-interest septic loan program for upgrades to a septic system or transition to a sewer system in existing affordable housing developments 

    • Task DHCD with establishing an intergenerational housing pilot program for people on the state’s affordable housing waiting list to live with seniors and adjust the income requirements for affordable housing eligibility by deducting from a family’s annual income any money spent on student loans or child care  

    • Establish a tax credit for seasonal employers to deduct all money paid to house workers during the season and create a tax on revenue generated from short term rentals (excludes all owner-occupied homes) and puts the money into each town’s affordable housing trust fund 

    • Task DHCD with a study to compare the cost of putting homeless people in shelters and hotels/motels and the cost of putting them in permanent housing 

  • SD1670, An Act to increase access to affordable housing: The bill would adjust income requirements for affordable housing eligibility by deducting from a family’s annual income any money spent on student loans or child care.   

  • SD1675, An Act supporting workforce and affordable housing: The bill would establish a tax credit, capped at $10,000, for affordable housing contractors to deduct payments made to house their workers. 

  • SD1769, An Act to support the seasonal workforce: The bill would establish a tax credit, capped at $10,000, for employers of seasonal workers to deduct payments made to house their workers. 

  • SD1770, An Act to protect affordable housing stock: The bill would create a tax on revenue generated from short term rentals (excludes all owner-occupied homes) and puts the money into each town’s affordable housing trust fund.   


  • SD1762, An Act to increase regional transit accessibility in the Commonwealth, filed with Rep. Natalie Blais: The bill would increase the funding floor for RTA’s in the General Laws to $150 million, establish a dedicated RTA contribution fund, require an annual State of the RTAs report, and eliminate the farebox recovery ratio as a performance metric for RTAs. 

  • SD1763, An Act supporting regional economic development and transit :The bill would reform the minimum corporate tax rate and impose a sliding scale for the minimum tax for certain businesses. The bill would allocate half of the revenue from the new rate to a Regional Transportation Trust Fund for climate friendly grants to regional transit authorities, and half to the Mass Growth Capital Corporation for climate friendly grants to small businesses.    

Municipal Support & Regional Equity

  • SD1998, An Act relative to the efficient management and operation of the registries of probate, filed with Reps. Josh Cutler and Susannah Whipp: The bill would provide for additional positions in the registries of the Probate and Family Court statewide, in order to better equip the Court to meet the increasing needs of the citizens of Massachusetts with regard to access to justice in our courts. 

  • SD1773, An Act relative to municipal equity in Steamship Authority operations: The bill would require approval of another member of the Steamship Authority besides Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for the authority to take any action.   

  • SD1729, An Act empowering towns and cities to protect residents and the environment from harmful pesticides, filed with Rep. Carmine Gentile: The bill would enable municipalities to further regulate the use of pesticides beyond existing state regulations. 

  • SD1726, An Act increasing fairness in the distribution of local aid generated by the state lottery:The bill would direct the State Lottery Commission to study the percentage of total lottery revenue collected from each municipality in the commonwealth compared to the median household income in the municipality and the financial needs of local public schools in the municipality, in order to ensure greater equity in local aid distribution. 

  • SD1730, An Act relative to the establishment of a means tested senior citizen property tax exemption, filed with Rep. Kate Lipper-GarabedianThe bill would create a local option for a property tax exemption for senior citizens that cannot pay their property taxes on a fixed income. 

  • SD1743, An Act relative to retirement benefits for municipal natural resource officers in Plymouth and Barnstable County: The bill would extend the same retirement benefits as State Environmental Police for municipal natural resource officers in Plymouth and Barnstable County. 

  • SD1705, An Act relative to concurrent service for elected officials, filed with Rep. Kip Diggs: The bill would allow anyone serving on a Town Council or Select Board to also serve on a county assembly of delegates or legislative body, and vice versa. 

Public Safety

  • SD1685, An Act increasing penalties for hit and runs with recreational vehicles in the Commonwealth (the James Ward Act), filed with Rep. Kathy LaNatra: The bill would increase criminal penalties for hit and runs with an ATV or other recreational vehicle. The bill is named after a young man who died after an ATV hit and run in Plymouth.   

  • SD1692, An Act relative to boater safety (the David Hanson Act), filed with Rep. Kathy LaNatra: The bill would direct the state to implement boater safety standards and require everyone operating a boat to be certified. It would grandfather in commercial fishermen, Navy/Maritime, and many others. The bill is named after David Hanson from Kingston who died in a boating accident. 

  • SD1708, An Act relative to the well-being of law enforcement officers after involvement in a critical incident, filed with Rep. Kathy LaNatra: The bill would direct each police department in the state to develop and maintain a policy for supporting officers who have been involved in a critical incident (casualties, children, etc...), including pre-incident training, return to duty plans, and more.  

Public Health

  • SD1687, An Act relative to patient access to biomarker testing to provide appropriate therapy, filed with Rep. Meg Kilcoyne: The bill would require that health insurance providers cover biomarker testing for disease identification and treatment when testing is recommended based on testing and drug indications, clinical guidelines, and other determinations.   

  • SD1699, An Act to allow students access to prescription cannabis: The bill would remove the restriction on the possession and administration of medical marijuana in schools, to ensure that students who are prescribed medical marijuana are able to take their medication in school, if needed. 

  • SD1711, An Act taxing the mental health impacts of social media: The bill would impose a graduated tax on social media companies that collect consumer data, based on the number of users they serve in Massachusetts. 90% of the revenue generated from the tax would go into a Mental Health Resilience Fund dedicated to innovative solutions to improve mental health, including providing mental health counseling in summer camps and afterschool programs and in-home therapy for children in crisis. The other 10% would go to community access TV. 

  • SD1722, An act establishing the human service transportation (HST) consumer advisory board, filed with Rep. Mindy DombThe bill would establish an HST Consumer Advisory Board, tasked with advancing the quality of HST across the state. The bill would mandate a series of public meetings and consumer listening sessions, and would make recommendations for policy changes. 

  • SD1723, Resolve to revive and continue the non-emergency human services transportation task force, filed with Rep. Mindy Domb: The bill would reauthorize the mandate of the HST Task Force. 

  • SD1725, An Act to increase access to lactation care and services, filed with Rep. Christine Barber: The bill would establish a general process for licensure that IBCLCsCLCs can pursue to become a licensed lactation care provider. The bill would also require that health insurance, including MassHealth, cover lactation care services from licensed lactation care providers. 

  • SD1871, An Act relative to MassHealth reimbursement for schools: The bill would allow local school districts to request reimbursement from MassHealth for services provided to students including behavioral health assessment, case management, health education, social emotional learning and health support and other related school health services. 

  • SD1733, An Act establishing a task force on MassHealth reimbursement for schools, filed with Rep. Denise Garlick: This bill would establish a task force to study reimbursement from MassHealth to local school districts for services provided to students. 

  • SD1734, An Act to ensure access to medical cannabis for visiting qualifying patients: The bill would allow medical marijuana card holders from other states to purchase limited amounts of medical marijuana in Massachusetts when visiting.

  • SD1766, An Act relative to safe patient handling and mobility in certain health facilities, filed with Rep. Sarah Peake: The bill would require all hospitals to establish a safe patient handling and mobility policy. The policy is meant to ensure that no staff or patients are harmed due to handling patients without the proper equipment.   

  • SD1715, An Act improving access to fentanyl test strips and other drug checking equipment: The bill would make it legal statewide to possess drug checking equipment and a nominal amount of certain controlled substance for the purpose of checking the purity of said substance. 

  • SD1753, An Act authorizing pharmacists to provide opioid use disorder treatment, filed with Rep. Carmine Gentile: The bill would authorize pharmacists to prescribe certain controlled substances for the treatment of substance use disorder.  

  • SD1759, An Act regulating the safe use of psilocybin: The bill would create an advisory council for the use of psilocybin mushrooms as part of substance use disorder treatment. The council will begin to establish responsible ways to utilize psilocybin mushrooms in Massachusetts, including policy recommendations.   

Military & Veterans

  • SD1740, An Act relative to the military family advocacy program, domestic violence and child abuse and neglect, filed with Rep. Dan Sena: The bill would prevent military members or spouses from escaping reports of domestic abuse or child abuse/neglect by transferring to a different base (a problem often cited for police officers accused of violence). This would also allow the military to supplement the resources of DCF with the Family Advocacy Program that stations counselors and clinicians at military installations.    

  • SD1741, An Act promoting fairness and transparency of organizations supporting military personnel and families, filed with Rep. Denise Garlick: The bill would reform the governing statute for the Massachusetts Military Family Relief Fund. The money would be controlled by the Department of Veterans Services (DVF) instead of A&F, and DVF will award grants to qualified organizations (organizations principally focused on providing aid to MA military service members and their families and primarily headquartered in the MA).   

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