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  • Ben Kaplan

In Your Corner (Episode 7): Auditor Suzanne Bump

Suzanne Bump has been the auditor for the Commonwealth of MA for 11 years! Auditor Bump is the 25th Auditor of the Commonwealth and the first woman to serve in this role, taking office in 2011. She leads a 225-person workforce of auditors, fraud investigators, and researchers to improve government accountability and build trust in government. Her prior government experience includes service as the Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development and as a State Representative.

The auditor’s office conducts audits, investigations and studies of State Dept. Offices and Services to promote accountability and transparency, improve performance and make government work better.

In this episode of “In Your Corner” Senator Moran talks with Auditor Bump about her work over the years and key changes made in the department to save money and improve systems statewide.

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