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Moran secures $2.5 million for Plymouth & Barnstable in General Bond Bill

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

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Moran secures $2.5 million for Plymouth & Barnstable in General Bond Bill

Investments target improvements for local infrastructure and climate resiliency

The Senate voted to provide funding for a wide variety of public facilities— including state universities and community colleges, hospitals and courts. Senator Moran secured funding across three amendments; water and sewer infrastructure improvements for the construction of housing, development of reliable municipal broadband, and climate resilient infrastructure projects, they are:

  • $1,000,000 for development of municipal broadband in Upper Cape Cod region

  • $1,000,000 for water and sewer infrastructure to facilitate additional workforce and affordable housing capacity in the towns of Plymouth, Pembroke, Kingston, and Plympton

  • $500,000 boardwalk repair and climate resilient infrastructure in the town of Sandwich

“These three projects are a direct ask through various roundtables and meetings with local stakeholders at the helm. Reliable broadband is necessary for the growth and stability of our schools, telemedicine, the economy and the tourism industry. It is no longer acceptable to simply have access, this money is critical to the investment of broadband,” said State Senator Susan L. Moran. “Through my Plymouth Regional Housing Roundtable, the primary concern was that the existing infrastructure wouldn’t support the influx of new housing development. The $1 million for water and sewer infrastructure will help facilitate additional workforce and affordable housing capacity in Kingston, Pembroke, Plymouth, and Plympton”.

The general government bond bill also includes funding to address the uneven impact of climate change on Massachusetts communities, with $400 million being allocated to projects to decarbonize and reduce the environmental impact of state-owned facilities. Furthermore, the bill includes $64 million for the Water Pollution Abatement Revolving fund, which provides local governments and utilities with grants to build or replace water infrastructure and ensure safe and renewable sources of drinking water.

“Rising sea levels and significant storm events have made portions of the Sandwich boardwalk vulnerable to erosion. At present the boardwalk is unusable and unsafe to the public. I am grateful that the Senate has taken the initiative to tackle climate change and prevent further worsening extreme weather events. These updates will also ensure that the boardwalk will meet accessibility requirement and place it in the best possible position for long term use and viability,” said Moran.

The bill further includes grants to address needs related to workforce development and technical expertise for start-ups. In light of the need for Massachusetts to maintain a robust workforce prepared to meet the needs of a variety of cutting-edge industries, the general government bond bill allocates $100 million for career technical skills and capital grants. The bill also includes $16.1 million for grants to innovative early-stage entrepreneurs through the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation.

Housing-related items in the bill include $60 million for the Housing Stabilization and Investment Trust Fund, which supports affordable rental housing production and rehabilitation, and $25 million for grants to support cities and towns that are producing new housing.

Additional funding in the bill includes:

  • $100 million to update information technology used by state agencies, including investments to support the educational workforce and to modernize the state’s unemployment system

  • $51 million for the Food Security program, to fight food insecurity

  • $50 million for the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, to support cultural institutions throughout the Commonwealth

  • $20 million to support cities and towns offering hybrid meetings through technology investment grants

A version of this legislation having previously passed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the legislation now goes to the House for further consideration. ###

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