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Senator Moran Joins Colleagues in Support of Call Center Job Retainment

Updated: May 23, 2022


CONTACT: Ben Kaplan, Communications Director, Office of Senator Susan L. Moran

(May 13, 2022 - BOSTON) Today, Senator Moran (D-Plymouth & Barnstable) signed on to a joint letter to the Senate Committee on Ways and Means in support of S.2056, An Act discouraging employers from closing call centers and customer service operations in the Commonwealth and relocating overseas, and for other purposes.

Filed by Senator Paul R. Feeney (D - Bristol & Norfolk) and Representative Carol A. Doherty (D - 3rd Bristol), this legislation is designed to implement greater safeguards against the offshoring of call center jobs both overseas and out of state, protecting against not only job losses but squandered tax breaks as well.

"For many communities, call centers are the only large-scale employers in the area, and therefore act as economic pillars by default," said Senator Moran. "This legislation will keep jobs and tax revenue circulating in the Commonwealth and ensures that our workforce is not sold-out to the most lucrative out-of-state bidder."

S2056 Save Call Center Jobs
Download PDF • 210KB

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