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Senator Moran Organizes Stakeholder Group to Address Local Concerns on Cape Bridges


CONTACT: Ben Kaplan, Communications Director Office of Senator Susan L. Moran

Senator Moran Organizes Stakeholder Group to Address Local Concerns on Cape Bridges

Seeks to streamline communications between MassDOT, Army Corps of Engineers, and municipalities ahead of planned construction on Bourne Bridge

(7/21/23 - BOURNE) Following extensive public feedback concerning the Sagamore Bridge closure that led to traffic congestion and frustration, Senator Moran has taken steps to address concerns through the establishment of a working stakeholder group, which met on Friday in preparation for the upcoming eight-to-nine-week Bourne Bridge closure in September.

The group, composed of representatives from MassDOT, the US Army Corps of Engineers, local elected officials, municipal stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies, will be actively meeting to establish clear lines of communication and develop effective strategies to ensure the public receives timely and accurate updates. These efforts are aimed at minimizing the impact on daily travel and ensuring public safety while the construction work is underway.

"Effective communication between all parties involved is key to mitigating potential disruptions during the Bourne Bridge closure," Senator Moran said. "We are committed to avoiding the same issues that occurred during the Sagamore Bridge closure and aim to keep the public well-informed throughout this massive infrastructure improvement endeavor.”

The stakeholder group is focused on disseminating information through various channels; including traditional media, social media platforms, community meetings, and direct communication with local elected officials and law enforcement. Senator Moran encourages all residents, commuters, and businesses to stay informed about the closure and construction through these official channels to plan their travel accordingly and minimize potential disruptions.

The Senator's office is dedicated to ensuring that the lessons learned from the Sagamore Bridge closure have been taken into account, and that the community's concerns have been addressed moving forward.

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