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Senator Moran Secures nearly $1.4 Million for Plymouth and Barnstable District priorities in FY25 Senate Budget

Updated: May 29




Ben Kaplan, Communications Director Office of Senator Susan L. Moran  



Senator Moran Secures nearly $1.4 Million for Plymouth and Barnstable District priorities in FY25 Senate Budget  

Final $57.9999 billion proposal prioritizes investments in the higher education, regional equity, and local infrastructure. 


(BOSTON—5/27/2024) The Massachusetts Senate has unanimously approved a $57.999 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25). Following robust and spirited debate, the Senate adopted over 400 amendments, and took 43 roll call votes, adding $89.6 million in spending for statewide initiatives and local priorities for communities around the Commonwealth.  


As part of this package, Senator Susan Moran (D – Falmouth) secured nearly $1.4 million to fund initiatives and organizations that will have a direct impact on residents of the Plymouth and Barnstable district. The FY25 budget builds on the Senate’s commitment to fiscal responsibility while reflecting the Chamber’s commitment to creating a more affordable, equitable, and competitive Commonwealth.   


“The budget is our opportunity to express what our priorities, individually and as a body,” Senator Moran said. “Historic Investments in childcare, transportation, and higher education lay a framework for lasting prosperity while maintaining a robust rainy-day fund.”  

Local Infrastructure and Community Resources: The Senator remains committed to advancing equitable opportunities for economic development, expanding resources for small businesses, and supporting the region’s long-term infrastructural health. To that end, the Senator fought to secure the following earmarks for priority projects as identified in her robust discussion with municipal leaders.  

  • Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce – $10,000 for annual Canal Day celebration 

  • Town of Plympton - $36,725 for an HVAC unit replacement at Dennett Elementary School 

  • Sandwich Chamber of Commerce – $20,000 to hire a Welcome Center Docent  

  • Town of Sandwich –$30,000 for improvements to the town’s parks and recreational areas 

  • Town of Plymouth – $32,630 for facility repairs  

  • Town of Pembroke – $52,781 for upgrades to the Public Library Repairs  

  • Drug Story Theater Inc. - $450,000 for substance use disorder therapy, expanding prevention education and support services to combat this critical public health issue 


Reaffirming her support for the region’s proud population of service members, the Senator also secured $75,000 for the Falmouth Community Veterans Center. This funding will be used for HVAC upgrades and heat pump installation, part of an ongoing upgrade process to make the center a hub for veterans. This investment ensures that veterans have access to a comfortable and functional facility where they can receive support and engage in community activities. Enhancing these facilities underscores our commitment to honoring and supporting those who have served our country. This is in addition to $100,000 for the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation to continue its work in Barnstable and Bristol Counties, providing essential goods and services to veterans in need. 


Local Public Safety: A strong supporter of our first responder community, Senator Moran pushed for increased funding for the district’s departments to ensure that they have the most up-to-date resources that allow them to complete their duties and prioritize the well-being of our neighbors and the safety of our communities.  

  • Sandwich Fire Department $10,000 for peer support services 

  • Town of Plympton $5,282 for the leasing of a new patrol vehicle  

  • Town of Kingston – $50,000 for speed enforcement signs  

  • Town of Plymouth – $30,582 various safety equipment upgrades  


Other Notable Amendments: 


Last month, The Joint Committee on Revenue, chaired by Senator Moran, released a redrafted bill to tackle the issue of home equity theft. An amendment was adopted to the FY25 budge through a collaboration with other Senators involved in this issue, to correct long-term inequities in the municipal tax lien foreclosure process that have deprived homeowners of their right to excess equity, bringing state law in compliance with the recent Supreme Court ruling in Tyler v. Hennepin County. 


The amendment includes several key provisions designed to protect homeowners: 

  • Refunding Excess Equity: Ensures that any funds remaining from the sale of a property, after unpaid property taxes and fees are covered, are returned to the homeowner. 

  • Interest Rate Reduction: Lowers the interest rate for redeeming unpaid property taxes from 16% to 8%. 

  • Extended Redemption Period: Increases the time allowed for late payment of property taxes to one year. 

  • Extended Repayment Timeline: Lengthens the maximum repayment period for property tax debts from 5 years to 10 years. 

  • Lowered Down Payment Requirement: Reduces the minimum down payment for entering a repayment agreement from 25% to 10% of the property tax debt. 

  • Municipal Interest Waivers: Allows municipalities to waive up to 100% of the interest owed on unpaid taxes. 

  • Improved Notification Requirements: Enhances notices to property owners about the consequences of unpaid property taxes, including clear explanations of the foreclosure process and redemption options.  

“Massachusetts has enabled municipalities and private companies to unfairly benefit from the foreclosure process, robbing countless families of their largest source of generational wealth,” Moran said. “This amendment is the result of a comprehensive outreach effort, developed through extensive consultation with homeowners, legal experts, courts, municipalities, and many more. It contains an overhaul of the current process and, most importantly, enables homeowners to collect excess equity from the sale of their home after unpaid property taxes and fees are paid.” 

The amendment also establishes a commission to continue examining and making recommendations on policies related to the tax lien foreclosure process, ensuring ongoing improvements and protections for homeowners. 

Securing funding for workforce development has been a continued priority for the Senator, recognizing the need for labor growth and job creation across industries. The Regional Professional Development Programs will receive $99,820 to support the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce’s Class A Commercial Driver’s License program, addressing the high demand for commercial drivers and improving the local workforce. Additionally, the Marine Biological Laboratory will receive $200,000 to provide unique educational opportunities for high school and undergraduate students, fostering interest in the sciences and enhancing STEM education.  


By investing in training programs, the Senator is ensuring that local workers gain the skills needed to fill high-demand jobs, which in turn helps businesses grow and stay competitive. This funding also addresses skill gaps, providing individuals with opportunities for employment and career advancement. Ultimately, these initiatives strengthen the community by reducing unemployment and fostering economic resilience, making it a vital investment in the economic future of the region. 


“As your State Senator in the Plymouth and Barnstable district, my primary goal is to ensure that the allocation of state resources reflects the needs and priorities of my constituents while maintaining sound fiscal responsibility,” Senator Moran said. “While no budget is perfect, I believe this one takes significant steps towards addressing our most pertinent barriers to success here on Cape Cod and the South Shore.” 


A conference committee will be appointed to reconcile the differences between the Senate and House budget proposals before the final FY25 budget proposal from the Legislature is approved and sent to the Governor.  


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