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Senator Moran Takes Action on Proposal to Dump Radioactive Waste in Cape Cod Bay

Following a proposal that Holtec would dump radioactive waste into Cape Cod Bay, Senator Moran jumped into action engaging with stakeholders and experts.

The Senator attended a Speak Out about the issue at Plymouth Town Hall, and she wrote the following statement:

When Holtec announced the proposal to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste into Cape Cod Bay, there was no choice but to act and act quickly, and I and other folks from Beacon Hill to the Attorney General’s Office to Capitol Hill did just that.

I hosted a meeting with members of the federal delegation, state partners, and DEP, the attorney general, and DPH, to discuss what oversight currently exists and dove into who is currently monitoring this. We were reassured that we’ve got experts really digging into this and guiding the existing enforcement mechanisms. This was the first discussion, but it certainly won’t be the last.

  1. I filed SD2971. This bill will make sure that no one can dump radioactive waste into our water without facing steep fines of $10,000 to 25,000 per violation and legal liability for damage they cause.

  2. Later tonight, I’ll be attending the NDCAP meeting to let them know exactly what I am telling you – that we are listening and working hard to make sure no one pollutes our water.

  3. Finally, and most importantly, I am actively working on further reforms to increase your voice in this decision making and to take steps to ensure that the system place OUR health and OUR safety before industry.

All of us here know that this isn’t the first time we’ve had to hold Holtec accountable for issues related to our safety and security, and I will not stop working until I know that we do not feel an ongoing threat to our safety while in our own community. But it is not me or the delegation who should receive credit for the work. It is YOU. Your voices spurred quick action. You have gone above and beyond to act as watchdogs for our coasts. This is about our health and our economy. We shouldn’t need to worry about pollutants literally in our backyard. The shellfish businesses shouldn’t need to risk further limiting where they can fish safely. The tourism industry should not have to endure a risk to a big part of what draws people here, and our future generations should not need to worry that the health of our ocean, a protector against climate change, is worsening due to corporate experimentation. You have raised your voices, and this and the next generation will be better for it. Now I am here to listen to you

Senator Moran also met with the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel.

Finally, Senator Moran took a number of additional actions, as outlined in the press release below:

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